Friday, June 1, 2012

Who Owns The Copyrights Of A Logo Created By A Free Web 2.0 Logos Maker?

If your wife asks you to mend the washing machine knowing the fact that you don't know how to mend it then what will you do?

Same is the case with free web 2.0 logos design maker. If you don't know what is the art of making a corporate identity then how would you be able to come up*with one even if you are creative and genius. The problem here is that you are not properly trained for this job.

Undoubtedly these logo makers are very easy to use as they guide you in step by step fashion and you may even like the end results as well but do you know what are you doing with your business?

You are simply sending it down the drain for these makers have thousands of disadvantages associated with them. For instance; you are not the only one who is using this maker so chances are that you might end up on a design that looks similar to that of your competitor. What will you do then? Will you go there and claim your rights? No!

Because nobody owns the right of such brand marks which are created from free generators. Do you want to be like Apple's company which often sues different companies claiming that they have copied its logo? Here is the list of those companies:

1- Woolworths
2- Victoria School of Business and Technology
3- Big Apple
4- New York city

You must be thinking that Apple is being over conscious and over sensitive about its brand mark identity but I think that's the power of copyright. They have the right to claim anybody who is copying their corporate identity and they are very proud of that.

Getting back to the main topic of our discussion...

I have given you Apple's example that if you will get your corporate identity with the help of these free graphic picture generators then you won't be able to claim your rights. Thus, you will have to stay like this forever.

People are very much attracted to these makers due to the "FREE" feature associated with them because nobody in the world want to spend his hard won cash on anything especially when it's about such a small piece of graphical representation.

Free makers often deliver web 2.0 logo tutorial to the people so that people can easily come up with a brand mark identity but still they forget the disadvantages it can bring in for their business. The greatest one which we discussed above is copyright infringement issue. You cannot claim your rights because no one has the right of corporate identities created by these free options rolling over the internet like anything. You can therefore, opt for a professional person to get your corporate identity done so that you can also sue someone for stealing your idea like the way Apple does every once in a while.

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