Friday, June 1, 2012

Be A Pro With Your Logo

Want to bring recognition and credibility to your company? Obviously the answer is yes, but how do you do it? The most recognizable feature of most products is the logo. It's best to make this feature stand out because a logo is more than just a symbol, it's a statement.

Merriam-Webster's dictionary defines a logo, or logotype as: an identifying symbol (as used in advertising). When consumers see your logo, you want them to recognize what it is, and what it represents. No matter the size of your business, logos are one thing where the playing field is level for everyone. Small mom-and-pop shops can have as good of a logo as the largest corporation in the world. It's more about what the logo represents than the actual design.

The company logo should represent the image that you want to portray. Whether that is cutting edge with flashy graphics and bright colors, or simple designs which represent tradition and reliability. The logo can say whatever you want it to, that's the beauty of it. It should serve as a reminder, or extension of what your company is about.

A great example of this is the Apple computer company logo. The image of an apple with a bite out of it is a reference to the biblical story of Adam and Eve. The apple represents the same one eaten by Adam at the tree of knowledge. This identifies the Apple company as a key to knowledge.

To be fair, there probably aren't a lot of people that are aware of the meaning behind the Apple logo. But, there aren't many people who could see the logo and not know what company it represents. In reality, Apple has been around for a long time, but the current image is that of cutting edge and new. The newest version of the Apple logo keeps the same traditional shape but fine tunes the appearance. They have added an almost chrome looking exterior to appear "new-age" and in style. They tie this into their advertising and new products by making Apple computers appear more advanced than the traditional PC.

This logo works because traditional Apple users will identify the shape of the logo as the same from before, while younger generations will identify with the new sleek look. Apple can maintain the tradition that the logo carries with it and at the same time seem new to consumers. This proves the importance of a logo and its ability to adapt with time. A good logo can pass through different generations and still appeal to everyone.

Now remember, we're still just talking about a simple symbol. But, as you can tell, it's more than just that. The logo tells a story, and hopefully a good one. When your consumer sees your logo, they should be able to identify you with the service you provide. A positive brand image and being recognizable can go a long way in helping consumers see your logo and know you're someone they can trust. Help your customers out and remind them that you're here for their use. Give them a reason to identify you and position yourself to stand out above the rest. Be a pro with your logo.

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