Friday, June 1, 2012

5 Important Rules of Designing Logo

Every businessman knows how important a company logo is for them and the company. This logo will be used on everything like your business card, website, on prospects, suppliers, press and to reach customers as well. To put in simple words, a logo represents your company's work and it's potential. It reaches every person near to you. Since it represents company's potential, your logo must have a positive impression of your business. Always portray yourself energetically, noticeably and dynamically, and then you will look like a professional, even if you don't have a proper office space or office place. When designing a logo yourself or appointing any agency, always keep in mind and follow these rules.

1. A logo should represent your company in a versatile and unique way.

This sounds something very common, but most surprising thing is there are some businessmen who want a logo for a competition. They always look for a logo that similar with certain changes. But that doesn't work. If your logo is of a graphic design, it should be related to your name, something related to your work, your industry or offers you are giving in competition.

First think what your company work is and then depict the same in the logo. Suppose your company is working on dealing with finance then the logo can be of a dollar sign or a currency for linkage. Use some words that are related to finance or services.

2. Simple logo is always the best.

If you are keeping words in the logo, make it as short as possible. Small and simple logos are more familiar and they are easy to remember. The layout and shape should be unique. It should be recognized even when it is upturned.

A logo should be simple but not sophisticated. Good logos always have something unique in it without being in debt. Just go through some of these professional's logos: Apple, it has an apple logo but it nowhere indicates that it is related to computer company. Now you can consider FedEx logo, it just has a word with a hidden arrow mark in it. Actually it is a shipping company. LG Company logo indicates that it is a human face but LG is a company manufacturing electronic products.

3. Logo should be first checked in black and white.

A logo can be colored in any manner but it looks good in colors only when it looks good in black and white. Colors are always taken as secondary importance. They can be edited or changed at any point of time in the future. Use maximum of 3-4 colors in a proper combination. Try to avoid bright and very dark colors.

4. Logo should be very pleasing wherever it appears.

As everyone knows a logo will be displayed everywhere from small places like business cards to big places like besides the company name on the wall. So, a logo should be pleasing wherever people find it. It should look equally good when its size is changed. It should not be a copy from others and claim it to be the original. Partial copying is also not allowed.

5. Logo should be equally artistic.

To tell you more clearly, the logo should be well balanced. Suppose one part of the logo is powerful than the other than it will not sit in the visitors mind. Actually, a logo remains in ones mind if they go through it for at least 3-4 times. Color, shape and size all influence the logo's balance.

Importantly, to carry out your company name, never ever change your logo. As I said before it takes more than three times for a logo to settle in somebody's mind. If you keep changing them then the audience or the customers come to the point that you are unreliable. Never forget to save these logos in JPG, GIF and EPS formats.

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