Friday, June 1, 2012

How to Spot a Fake Apple iPod

It is no mystery that iPods are some of the most counterfeited products in the open market. To avoid being stung with one of these phony items, there are a few rule of thumb tips to follow that will help eliminate the many of the potential fakes.

Getting familiar with small details related to apple can be important. One of the details that an authentic iPod possesses when compared to their phony counterparts is the apple logo on the welcome screen. The apple logo issue on a fake iPod will come in two ways. The first issue you may encounter on a fake is that there is no logo at all on the opening screen. This is found on many of the fakes in the open market. They simply do not have the signature apple logo prompt when the welcome screen comes up. This is an easy tell to watch out for. The apple logo is either there or it is not.

The second issue you may encounter is when the apple logo is where it is supposed to be. If you pop on the iPod and the welcome screen prompts and you see the logo, so far so good, right? Not so fast. The logo may be counterfeited. To determine this takes a little more knowledge of the apple logo in general. If you are not an apple logo and font expert as most of us are not, then you need to compare the logo on the iPod in question to a picture of one that is authentic. If the logo does not match up detail for detail with the authentic logo, then that is a major red flag.

And finally, one of the best and most overlooked methods to identify a fake iPod is the iTunes test. When an authentic iPod is turned on, and connected to your home computer, laptop etc, iTunes should be prompted. This is the program where you load, configure, change etc, all your music files. However, a fake iPod will NOT prompt iTunes. A phony iPod will require you to copy and paste your music into the gadget. And all of your music files will need to be dragged and dumped into the device. So to re-cap, if iTunes is not prompted when you connect to your computer, then it is likely a fake iPod.

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