Friday, June 1, 2012

Remarkable Computer Logo Design Tips to Help Your Company Exhibit Success

If you think that creating an emblem for your computer company is easy then you are wrong.

If you think that your company's image and identity does not depend on your branding and logo designing strategy because your customers should be more interested in the products you offer than your business mark, then you are wrong.

The world of computers is a highly competitive industry and requires constant developments to just to keep your brand name in the people's memories.

Even the way your company logo is crafted impacts how the customers think of your corporation.

If you want your company to excel in the branding strategies and create a computer logo design that is distinct and memorable, then follow the tips below.

1. Keep the design simple and sizable:

Keep the logo simple so that it is easy to read and memorize so that whenever a customer looks at that image, he thinks of your company. Don't use intricate details so the customer finds it difficult to understand it. Remember the old Apple logo that consisted of the illustration of Newton sitting under a tree with a prominent apple above his head. That design may have consisted of a great concept but it was inappropriate for a technological monogram as it was too complex.

2. Use colors in the emblem but keep the background neutral or white:

Make your emblem colorful as it looks attractive for technological symbols. Many famous brands have used bright colors in their brand mark like red, blue, yellow and green. Don't be afraid to experiment with colors in your trademark. Only, make sure that you use colors that complement each other. For example the combination of maroon and dark blue is not flattering while the combination of red with yellow will be eye catching.

3. Use effects to make your logo look contemporary:

Effects give a very high tech look to monograms which is an essential for a mainframe symbol if it wants to survive in this cut throat industry. But an emblem also needs to be subtle and timeless and effects like 3 dimensional, origami and paper folding have the tendency to go out of style with time. For that, you can give a subtle effect look to your trademark. For example, observe the twitter bird that consists of bright colors but looks 3 dimensional with subtle shading.

4. Don't use obvious computer images:

Using computer images for a free computer logo is so cliché and generic. If you want to make your logo design distinct and memorable, then make sure that you use images that are innovative and different. For example, Apple has used an image of an apple which is distinct. You need to look at things around you to figure out what can be used as your monogram. Take inspiration from your location or your product's unique selling point or even a children's story that you think is appropriate to represent your corporation.

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