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A professional logo design can do wonders for your brand identity. And similarly, a badly designed logo can pretty much destroy any chances of making

A professional logo design can do wonders for your brand identity. And similarly, a badly designed logo can pretty much destroy any chances of making it as a professional organization. It takes a lot of consideration, hard work and some genuine brain storming on the designers' part before even the first line is drawn. And rightly so! A professional logo design needs to incorporate your business' corporate image as well as the marketing message to make it truly successful.

Brand Name Means Corporate Image

People identify a company by its logo. Apple wouldn't be much fun without the half bitten apple in its logo! It successfully depicts the company's image of being trendy and futuristic with the grayscale, metallic colors of the Apple logo.

The logo should be able to properly convey your message to help build a successful brand identity.

Here, an important distinction needs to be made. No matter how important it is, a logo is never the brand itself, but it is a part of the identity design and branding process. It has its own role in the process as it forms an image for your business and products in the viewer's mind.

Visual Devices

A company's identity and image is made up of the following visual devices. These are always decorated with the company logo design and help disseminate the company's brand image:
1. Letterheads, business cards, envelopes- the stationary
2. Products and their packaging
3. Clothes worn by employees for e.g. waiters at a restaurant, or flight attendants have a uniform
4. Flyers, brochures, websites and blogs- the marketing tools
5. Interior and exterior decor of the business place for e.g. in the logo colors or using logo as signage.

All these things, and everything else that represents a business, combine to create the identity. The logo is a culmination of brand and identity all rolled into one. It is a symbol of the business.

A logo is...

It is a means for viewers to identify your business. So what it depicts, what it means, is far more important than what it looks like. The perfect logo design should always be able to identify your business no matter what color, what size or where it's placed!

The business world is full of examples of successful logo design. They don't all successfully say the nature of business they represent, but are readily identifiable nonetheless. There are no burgers or fries in the McDonald's logo, just 2 golden arches. But who can't identify what they mean?

A logo is supposed to leave a mark on the subconscious. We never need to make an effort to know what Nike, Apple or the Olympics stand for. These logos are successful because they are simple. They have simply been etched into our subconscious, so that we can understand what they represent no matter what color, size or form we see them in. So a perfect logo design needs to identify a business or product. It should function as an automatic identifier of your business.

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