Friday, June 1, 2012

Giving Your Ideas Life and Meaning Via Cool Logo Maker

Creating and choosing a logo are equally important in representing a business. Most companies invest time and dollars to ensure that their brand is recognized at a glance.

At its Best

A cool logo maker may be equipped with the latest web applications, techniques, and trends. Thus, creativity would be the most important tool in developing a business symbol.

It has been observed that creative advertisement plus witty corporate symbols will increase profit and attract potential clients. With the current economic status, customers want to ensure that they're spending their dollars on the right business and product.

Also, each company is given a limited time to impress their valued clients. Thus, your business symbol should be professionally crafted to ensure that you are conveying the right message and portraying the right image.

It serves as the "picture" of your business. It will remind your customers of the quality of your service, the experience that they have when they purchase your product, and the feel when they visit your store or talked to you or your representative. This shows that choosing a cool logo maker is a good start to build trust while introducing your business.

A good design should project your business' identity and set you apart from your competitors. But, the important question will be... "Is it at its best?"

Well, you may want to check the story behind these witty art pieces that made its business and product not only cool but definitely famous.

· Apple Computer

The Apple Computer Company has become famous not only through Steve Jobs as well as his co-genius Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. Its first symbol was made by Jobs and Wayne showing Sir Isaac Newton thinking under the apple tree as a tribute of discovering gravity using an apple. It was in 1998 when the rainbow-colored apple was created by Rob Janoff but was later on changed to a simpler monochromatic apple that looks good on various apple gadgets.

· Starbucks

It is known for its delicious coffee and intriguing crowned mermaid corporate symbol. Starbucks used a siren with a revealed breast and long hair in its early years. The company decided to improve it in 1992, where the siren's breast and navel were hidden. In line with Starbucks' 40th years in the business, the symbol was changed retaining only the face of the mermaid.


The International Business Machine symbol was made in 1888. It was revised in 1891 and 1911 when IBM merged with Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company. It was in 1947 when the company used the Beton Bold font style. Paul Rand crafted its current face in 1972 retaining its typeface that is accustomed to its customer. Then it was changed into stripes placed inside a black rectangle.

The importance of a good art piece should not be overlooked. It gives life and meaning to your business. Hence finding a cool logo maker would eventually pay-off, if not now, in the near future.

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